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Today's Date is April 25, 2014

The IES Language Foundation is a National 501(C) 3 Non-Profit organization dedicated to making available, throughout the world, the best possible methodologies for enabling children to acquire a second language. At the same time we seek to make their exposure to second languages and cultures a positive and enjoyable experience.

IES is the largest independent children’s second language organization in the U.S. and offers programs through and with the cooperation of several thousand public and private schools throughout the country. We provide skilled teachers and a carefully designed curriculum of classroom lesson plans with books and tapes for home reinforcement.

IES methods recreate a process of language acquisition, which is similar to the way children learn their primary language. IES teaches through games, poems, songs and activities, by focusing on listening and speaking first. Reading and writing come later with further language study.




Music CD's! August 22, 2010
IES has Spanish CDs for your child to sing along while they learn. Our "Music In Motion" CD has 12 songs all about traveling in Spanish countries. Traditional Spanish Songs are popular songs your child may already know, and our Sing Along Songs CD has over 30 songs about everyday life, family, and includes lullabys.
All of these are $15each (includes tax and shipping) and make a great addition to your child's learning and make great gifts.

Get yours today by calling 800-231-4703 x6221

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